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If you are considering a new installation or if you have an existing Defibrillator, we urge you to make the Defibrillator available 24:7. START-A-HEART24:7 will help provide a suitable cabinet and help with community awareness so that EVERYONE values the provision.

To be eligible for our help, our requirements are simple:

1) You must fund the Defibrillator purchase or already own one.
2) The intended safe location must be publicly accessible at all times.
3) Install the safe and provide 240V power at all times. It costs less than £8 a year to power a safe.
4) Be prepared to part fund the purchase of the access safe.

For this, depending on your location, START-A-HEART24:7 will provide:

1) Match funding to provide the access safe or supply an access cabinet at our cost price which is often much less than an individual can buy it for.
2) Signage to highlight the location.
3) Assistance with public awareness of location and use.

It is so simple; installing a cabinet is such an easy way of increasing the effectiveness of each Defibrillator by 400% for relatively little money.

To apply to us for help, fill out the contact form HERE ››

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In 2013 there were over 600 Defibrillators in South Yorkshire alone - but less than 10 Defibrillators available 24 hours-a-day

We are a tiny charity, run by a very small group of keen volunteers. Help us, to help you, save a life by making a donation

Brochures, specification and installation of defibrilators and safe cabinets which help increase the rate of survival